Canine Disc

Canine disc is very simple. The dog is the receiver and the player must throw the disc so that the dog can catch it. Within the sport itself, there are many different types of disciplines.

Canine disc is unique to the other classic disciplines because there are not only different organizations within the sport but there are also different disciplines and judging systems within each organization.

The most popular canine disc organizations are:

  • Skyhoundz (Freestyle, Distance & Accuracy, Xtreme Distance, Discdogathon)
  • AWI (Freestyle, Distance & Accuracy)
  • UFO (Freestyle, Distance & Accuracy)
  • USDDN (Freestyle, Distance & Accuracy)
  • UpDog (8 different games)
  • PIDC (Freestyle)
  • Quadruped (Distance competition)

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