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Galaxy Wars

Galaxy Wars is essentially Schteattle Schtick, but with more than 2 teams. This is best played if you have 100+ kids, and 1 disc for every 1 or 2 players. Players are divided into equal teams of 10 to 40 and as many teams as you have space for. Each team will defend their associated

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Saucer Tennis

Saucer Tennis (Frisbee Tennis) was created in Maplewood NJ in the Autumn of 1974. A group of teens from the area got together to play what Bruce R. Keffer had put together in a rule book for what was called the most extreme disc sport. During the era, Ultimate had been invented and played by students

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Beach ultimate / beach goaltie / geach, whatever you want to call it, players can organize a game at anytime. The Kelowna Ultimate League doesn’t officially organize games, but there is a kit floating around. Post to the Kelowna Ultimate Facebook Group to rally together a crew and find the kit!

Mini Guts

Guts, with a mini disc, mixed with dodgeball. Rules: It is played by two teams with anywhere from 2 to unlimited players per team. The official disc is the Wham-O Mini Frisbee due to its light weight and superior aerodynamics. The playing field consists of two goals lines 15 feet apart marked by shoes, bottles,

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Frisbee Beyblade

Players: 2+ Ages: 3+ Equipment: 1 frisbee per player Gameplay: All players sit in a circle and spin their frisbee on the ground at the same time. The player whose frisbee is the last one spinning is the winner. This game was created by middle school students at St. Martha School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Overall Competition

An Overall competition is similar to the heptathlon in track and field. The Overall combines seven (7) disciplines — some individual and some partner events — and tests the player’s skills and abilities across the spectrum of disciplines. The player who scores the highest combined point total for his or her final ranking in each

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Disc sports is an ageless game. You can play so many sports with a disc from the time you’re a few years old to well into your 90’s: Ultimate, disc golf, dog disc, guts, freestyle, distance, self caught flight, goaltimate, cups, double disc court, discathon, accuracy. Have an open mind. Play catch. Invent games.